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EquipmentJun-He Technology

Injection Molding Machine

1High Performance: precise and stable injection molding, ultra high speed injection, highly accurate mold clamping.

2High Stability: stable of wall thickness and feedback control system, backflow monitor and precise metering. AI pressure wave of the tracking control.

3High Reliability/ Energy Saving: AI mold protection supports clamp close/open, AI ejector protection and power consumption monitoring.

4High Productivity: 22 sets of injection molding machines in Taichung factory and 44 sets of injection molding machines in Changhua factory.

Manufacture Ability

Wire Cut :

double switch automatically, saving processing time; surface roughness can reach Ra 0.1 ~ 3μm

Discharge :

mirror finish, the surface roughness can achieve Ra 0.03μm.  Automatic tool changer system can be equipped with 64 knives at the maximum.

Fine Hole Discharger :

CNC automatic copper tube changers , the minimum is Φ0.1mm.

Automatic Lathes :

CNC walk the knife type lathe, the surface roughness can achieve Ra0.03μm ~ Ra 0.06μm, roundness 0.001mm ~ 0.002mm.


install with pre-stretch and automatic adjusting type as spindle and temperature control system which can achieve three-dimensional tolerances less than 0.003mm.