Company Profile
Jun-He Technology

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy:
Customer Satisfaction, Focus on Quality, Integrity

Create the customers value with excellent quality and speed

Company Vision

Technical Strategy

Expand the R&D of components for medical devices and equipment, being the best partner for precision optical products.

Strengthen the incubation programme for all employees.

Expand factories to increase the production capacity.

Quality Control and Management

High-precision instrument and complete inspection are employed to maintain the production yield and meet customers demand

Company History

  • Year 2005
    Established in April 2005, Changhua Country, Taiwan.
  • Year 2006
    Set up injection molding machine and production line for OEM contact lenses.
  • Year 2007
    Set up precision injection molding machines and production line of optical components.
  • Year 2009
    Innovative research development of secondary optics LENS.
  • Year 2010
    Set up the business Operations of OEM optical molding.
  • Year 2011
    Received the OEM orders from the leading company in 3C product industry and set up the injection product line for Lens. Achieves ISO 9001Certification.
  • Year 2013
    Using the precision mold flow system to enhance the research and development of optical parts and simulation capabilities.
  • Year 2013
    Extend the business and new factory completed in Changhua.
  • Year 2014
    Published by Achieve ZEISS Innovation SPECIAL Metrology periodical and affirmed. Get the favor of world-class optical companies.
  • Year 2015
    The new office building factory in the Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park is scheduled to start the construction.
  • Year 2016
    ISO 13485 approved.
  • Year 2018
    New factory opening in the Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park.
  • Year 2018
    The UNICON move into the factory in the Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park and reach one stop production.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility of business is focused on "cherish earth, respect for human rights, satisfy customers" and expect ourself to try hard on the constant enterprise growth with the management of humanity respect and the mission of earth protection.

Our promises are as follows :

Implement the company management, improve the information publication, and protect and respect the right of shareholders and interested parties.

Running company management with high ethical codes, ask employees to follow the laws and probity rules, respect human rights, protect intellectual property rights, and prevent illegal benefits transfer to injure rights and interests of our company, customers, and suppliers.

Strictly follow requirements of local labor laws as well as customer requirements. Ensure fair employment, humance treatment, employee communication, and working conditions.

Establish supplier management system and norms, regular communication to establish a stable win-win strategic partnership of sustainable development.

Contribute to the community and fulfill social citizenship base on the philosophy of "whatever you take from the society, use them for the society."

Continuously and deeply develop technology and innovation, comply with customer and market demand, and aggressively involve in environmental protection and low-cost production process to consolidate core competitiveness.

Fulfill the operation of environment and hazardous substances management systems, comply with the requirements of environmental protection and industrial safety regulations, and establish a safe and comfortable working environment.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

Holder, Barrel, Ring, Contact Lens & Biomedical products.

Original Design Manufacturer

LED Secondary optical series products.