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Core TechnologyJun-He Technology

Precision manufactured, high quality measurement, quality assurance.

Core Technology

We invested high-precision processing equipment, like three-axis (X, Z & C-axis) ultra-precision lathe. The air bearing is a core component, the swing amount is less 10nm and controllable accuracy of each axis direction can reach 1nm when the main spindle speed at 3000RPM. Therefore, the component can be manufactured based on geometric precision PV value less than 0.2um, and the surface roughness Ra is less than 20nm.

Precision Manufactured

Most components are application for optical products, such as the following applications or other particular ones

Divergent component of projector backlight is manufactured by Array Processing ( C axis).

Contact lenses plastic mold manufacturing.

Fresnel of solar modules mold insert manufacturing.

Divergent optical component of LED module mold insert manufacturing.

Divergent component of TV backlight module mold insert manufacturing.

High Quality Product Testing

Based on the principle of high quality manufacture require higher quality measurements, we invested Taylor Hobson Form Talysurf for measurement. The accuracy is less than 0.1um, the repeatability accuracy is less than 0.02um. In addition to Taylor Hobson Form Talysurf, we also have other measurements to make sure the quality, such as metallurgical microscope and it can be magnification to 2000X. The laser projector is using shadow measurement method and the accuracy is 0.4um.